Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wire Wrapped Jewelry

Wire Wrapped JewelryWire Wrapped JewelryWire Wrapped Jewelry

Hendersonville, North Carolina


Wire Wrapped Pendants

Wire wrapping has become popular because of the uniqueness and individuality of each piece.  After the stone is prepared, I complete the process by wrapping the stone in a design using sterling silver or 14 karat gold filed wire. Each pendant is an individual design depending upon the wire size and stone shape and size.  The fashioning of the wire wrap around the stone enhances the beauty of the stone and each pendant is hand-crafted to showcase the specific stone and its shape.

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Wire Wrapped Bracelets

The bracelets are made using pattern wire in sterling silver and 14kt gold-filled wire.  Sometimes the pattern wire is a mixture of wires which are twisted and put carefully through a rolling mill, which presses the wires flat.  Some bracelets are made using only different size and gauge wires.  Other bracelets are made in such a way where a cut and polished stone can be showcased in them.  They have an easy on and off clasp.

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I enjoy collecting my own lapidary rough material which is cut, shaped and polished to create the unique color and shape of the cabochon to be used in jewelry.  My preference is working with colorful and more exotic stones like opal, chrysocholla, sonora sunrise, seraphinite, chrysoprase, crazy lace, turquoise and various agates.

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